BMATEK is experience,
customer assistance and made in Italy.

BMATEK means international experience in developing and production of technological equipment for construction.

Use of quality materials, internal production and testing operations are the main characteristics for all BMATEK products.

Our goal is to design progressive building solutions. 

Our Services

Internal production of components

Thanks to the internal production BMATEK offers tailor-made solutions, in order to meet the customer requirment.

A deep knowledge of materials, processes and logistics allows us to guarantee a high-level product, made for specific construction site needs.

Development, design and assistance

Study, design and testing are the fundamentals of all our projects, each phase takes place within the company.

BMATEK technicians cooperate with the customer to develop feasibility studies for each project and create ad hoc plans and renderings with elements.

BMATEK offers global technical assistance before and after sales, accompanying the customer through each step.

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