Slab formwork with closed panels
Resistant and fast for great construction sites.

The SKYFORM formwork for slabs sees its application from residential to industrial buildings, characterized by very thick slabs.

The use of the one fall head allows early partial dismantling and maximization of materials.

The closed panels SKYFORM formwork integrates perfectly with the MULTIFORM system and with all its accessories. This allows the customer’s technological growth without a continuous replacement of components.

Endless solutions

SAFE: A safe work area thanks to the BMATEK components. The employees can manage manually the aluminum frame and system elements. This means that operability increases and risks decrease.

MODULAR: Combinable with all BMATEK systems and adaptable to the most demanding construction sites, with the presence of pillars, lift shafts, lowered beams and perimeter projections.

QUICK: The assembly process is clear and quick. Easy and simple early dismantling thanks to the special one fall head.

SIMPLE: The assembly process from the ground is logical and facilitates the workflow. 
No need of specific planning (respecting the references of the load tables).


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